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Project Organization in Studio - Academy

Unable to open the Form Designer

Studio 2022.10.3

The course was clear on the different roles BA/ SA/Dev.

But a solution like a Matrix can be provided based on Process Fitness and Automation Complexity so that a result is generated for the proposed process and the client can prioritize the automation processes accordingly.

Hey! I’ve started recreating the recorder activity with note pad, and the recorders is not taking the save button as individual element to click on it. I can enter the text and that part of the process is fine but when trying to select the save button it fail and takes into account all the buttons in this part of the app. |I try to select the save button adding it as an click activity without the recorder and same problem. anyone with the same issue?


Its amazing to deep dive in the world of RPA. Really done the magic after completion.


Asim Ahmed Khan

try automating the process

thank you so much for the help sir

use the RPA to find the path which leads to the automated package of ACME

Nothing to tell this internship
Iam happy to join with you

Thanks for the teaching, I am from Peru and my native language is Spanish, there were videos that I had to make an effort to understand since they were in English and did not have Spanish subtitles, otherwise everything was very interesting and understandable.

great structured give it learning guys happy learning!

Quizzes with the tutorials make software easy to understand and very easy to learn.

one month period

this is very useful for me to work on rpa

This course really improves my knowledge about RPA. Since I’m new in this field, looking forward to learn more. Thankyou

Hi @Alin_Andronache
The Foundation Course of UiPath is a Must Study Content.

Very interesting course, for me as Beginner. Thank you

excelente programa de capacitación, módulos muy entendibles y con facilidad y dificultad de desarrollarlos

its been an awesome journey.

In the videos level of volume changed randomly, please fix it.
I watched in different machines; it has the same issue.

The course contents are interesting and easy to understand. But the courses/Learning Paths/Certification courses need to be more structured. There is no need to have a certification path of a developer when you already have a developer foundation course. Even the contents are same.