RPA Developer Foundation - Feedback Space

Great course. I learned a lot !

I am now in a part of the course that is more familiar to me… That is a bit easier…

re the variables & arguments course, a question asks the data type to extract unique UserIDs from a database. The correct answer it states is Array, however, there would need to be a knowledge of how many unique UserIDs there were upfront. I think a List would be better for this reason. It would likely not make sense to use a sql query to count the unique ids just to allow an array, and then extract the unique ids. that would be inefficient imho.

Es buen curso completo ya que nos indica que utilizar en cada proceso asignado.

I’m looking at the Control Flow part of the course.

One part that it covers is the Parallel activity. I’m not really sure when this would be used (the example given seems to be a confusing way of doing something that could far more easily be done using a simple if statement. I don’t see how this example is parallel at all, the example in the video). A condition for the parallel activity is created based on an item that is set in the first sequence of the parallel activity which determines whether the second sequence is activated (this seems completely sequential to me? Maybe I’m missing something?)

Can anyone explain or suggest a more clear use for the parallel activity

I just started the RPA course and I love it very explanatory.