RPA Developer Foundation - Feedback Space

Course content is really good, thank you. many more to learn.

I has been good so far.

In the videos, there should be an option for 0.75 Speed.


Excelente la forma de presentar el contenido. Todo muy claro, práctico y fácil de entender y aplicar. Me motiva a continuar profundizando el mundo RPA.

Muchas gracias.

The RPA Developer foundation is very interesting and packed with powerful learning Modules. Thank UIPpath for creating this pathway for interested scholars like us. We appreciate you guys deeply!!!

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I have just finished ‘Introduction to the RPA Developer role’ and I want to thank you guys for the amazing course. I was captivated by RPA and I have a lot to learn now!

I am very excited to participate in this training. before starting it I was curious about automation and now I am passionate about it, I hope to go very far!

Iam very interested and exited to Study these topics

Enjoyed this one. Learned more doing my own examples that had some practical use as opposed to the exercises.

There is a problem i faced regarding the last saveed point where i leave the lesson. The lesson actually starts from the beginning.
It is a small problem but its a part of a genuine feedback.

this was actually good.

The link on “DateTime Variables” points to Regex under “Learning resources”
in the sub course:

Thank you, it was great stuff.