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No, I am using Chrome. Maybe will wait for another 2 days as the technical team is still working on it.

Have you tried deleting cookies?

The link to The User Interface page in the UiPath Studio Guide in the Learning Resources lesson in the Introduction to the RPA Developer Role course in the RPA Developer Learning Plan for UiPath Partners course is incorrect in Google Chrome. The link is http://%20https//studio.uipath.com/docs/the-user-interface.

This particular course stated an estimated running time of 30 minutes (annotated as “30m”). The time span is often overlooked as it’s quite small.

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Not everyone is going to have this available, but one possible workaround is to have your PC or laptop connected to a smart TV with an HDMI hookup. Just set up the TV as the second monitor. Instant jump in resolution.

@Billy_Martin ,

Sorry for the inconvenience. The progress issue was caused by the latest Chrome update. It should now be entirely fixed. Unfortunately, we can’t fix your progress retroactively. Please raise a ticket for that and let us know here if the issue persists.

@foungyee @umobong.abasi-ono @j_chou @cheungad

We had a progress loss issue on Chrome and Edge, caused by the last Chrome update. It is behind us now. But unfortunately, we can’t retroactively fix the progress. You can raise a ticket if needed.

I apologize for the inconvenience!

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Hi @don.walker ,

Thank you for the feedback. Does the play speed in the player help?

On skipping steps, we try to keep the videos down to a reasonable duration: 10-12 mins maximum. We sometimes skip steps, but it’s on the repeated steps in general. I hope that having the workflows downloadable also helps in carrying out the steps.


The course itself is well organized, and well structured easy to under stand and easy to learn

Someone should add a parentheses at the end of the RPA Business Analyst definition in Lesson 5 (The Automation Project Lifecycle) of the course, “A Day in the Life of an RPA Developer”.

Its a Good content & clarification. But so many things like variables, arguments are not explained properly for a non coder. assigning the variable and all little bit tricky. Need to improve alot

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Good material, good job. If possible, more videos available would be great asset to people with difficulties in reading.

Just completed the RPA challenge and was stuck in a circle with the bot throwing the ‘Last Name’ error until I added a space after "Last Name "!

The For Each Row example referenced was also a problem and won’t even get into that. It’s a slow slog if you don’t know Visual Basic it takes about double the time as you are learning both UiPath and VB at the same time.

No ideas to improve, other than I’m grateful to have stumbled upon this.