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In the next part of the training they protect the Sales sheet with the password “mySuperStrongPassword” (which you wouldn’t have know in the first part of this tutorial), so the sheet can be unprotected.

Thank you for making this tool available for free. I have just finished my second unit on the " RPA Developer Foundation Training -" and I am enjoying learning this new skills.

Just finished the UI Automation with modern experience course. Coming form a previous version i have to admit this “experience” and the latest version bring some interesting features and activities !

So far this is my 3rd/4th course of the learning path. Love it !

Good to learning uipath

something learning new feel good to learn ui path

Data Manipulation With Lists And Dictionaries course.

There are a couple of issues with this course I think

  1. The documents at the end are all about regex (theres also one link that says date time but takes you to regex page) they look like the document list from the string manipulation course.

  2. In the Practice 2 Dictionaries there is a for each loop where in the solution the loop variable type has been set to system.collections.generic.KeyValuePair without any mention of what that is in any of the earlier training or even in the solution steps (I know it is an element from a dictionary but this is fundamental training and most probably wouldn’t know or understand why their processes aren’t working after following the instructions)

For simplicity it could have been set to a string in the collection WinnerCounts.Keys instead.

It’s difficult to suggest that this is a no code/low code platform if users need to understand this kind of thing which I doubt most business users would.
Practice 2 - Dictionaries.zip (3.4 KB)

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Project Organization in Studio - Academy

Unable to open the Form Designer

Studio 2022.10.3

The course was clear on the different roles BA/ SA/Dev.

But a solution like a Matrix can be provided based on Process Fitness and Automation Complexity so that a result is generated for the proposed process and the client can prioritize the automation processes accordingly.

Hey! I’ve started recreating the recorder activity with note pad, and the recorders is not taking the save button as individual element to click on it. I can enter the text and that part of the process is fine but when trying to select the save button it fail and takes into account all the buttons in this part of the app. |I try to select the save button adding it as an click activity without the recorder and same problem. anyone with the same issue?


Its amazing to deep dive in the world of RPA. Really done the magic after completion.


Asim Ahmed Khan

try automating the process

thank you so much for the help sir

use the RPA to find the path which leads to the automated package of ACME

Nothing to tell this internship
Iam happy to join with you

Thanks for the teaching, I am from Peru and my native language is Spanish, there were videos that I had to make an effort to understand since they were in English and did not have Spanish subtitles, otherwise everything was very interesting and understandable.

great structured give it learning guys happy learning!

Quizzes with the tutorials make software easy to understand and very easy to learn.

one month period

this is very useful for me to work on rpa

This course really improves my knowledge about RPA. Since I’m new in this field, looking forward to learn more. Thankyou