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Hello, My progress is not getting saved. I want to know how will I get the certificate?

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UI Element topic is most useful in daily action on applications which we work. It covers most of the almost everything with respective to interacting with any UI Element on screen.

Methods and Activities are explained very good. Provided we should get through example workouts.

Find Children activity in Selectors is complicated concept. and input variable is not passing to selector Tag , I wanted to change aaname= {{input}} but it is not taking…

I did have some challenges during the initial training with the first robot. The *:?? character sequence would not validate. I changed it to : and it worked fine. Maybe this will be clarified in subsequent training.

**Hi there, just want to share some feedback when learning REFramework Deep Dive. When creating a blank REFramework, in the Framework folder, there are varies of subworkflows to use but seems you missed ONE, which is GetAppCredential.xaml Please have a check and advise. Thank you!

If you have any questions or anything I am not clear, pelase contact me via the email.**

Hi All,
Just finished my UiRPA certification. passed with 82%
Guys I just wanted to share that I achieved this only using the academy materials and also their official documentation especially the Orchestrator documentation helped alot. Thanks again @uipath and all the community members for the incredible support. Just feel free to ask me anything regarding my experience, i’d love to share whatever I know according to the best of my knowledge.
:heartpulse: :100:

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Hi guys, how do I create an ACME account? Thanks :smiley:


This course is very helpful.
So far, however, my main point is that Academy is not recording my progress.
I have 70 - 80% tasks behind me and the panel still shows 28%.
Has anyone met a similar situation?
Thank you very much in advance for information on how to solve this problem.

Best regards,
Sławomir Chmura

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I think the link provided for RegEx in the Learning Courses in Data Manipulation is incorrect. It’s showing a blank page. May need to be updated or is it because I’m using IE which is why it’s not displaying correctly? :slight_smile:

REGEX page

Hi Slawomir,

Can you please raise a ticket here: https://www.uipath.com/company/contact-us/contact-learning
Providing some screenshots of the issue you are facing will help a lot in resolving it.

Thank you.

I’m completely new in visual basic so for me video are too quick to understand and take notes and some exercices are difficult because I don’t know the methods to use

Hi Christine,
Welcome to UiPath community, However if you are new to Visual Basic I’d like to recommend you to learn a complete course vb.net syntaxes which would definitely help you to lean UiPath developer track faster as UiPath Studio uses VB.net a lot.
Would love to recommend http://vb.net-informations.com/
Furthermore, community members are also really helpful in your learning path.

Happy Automation

Great course. I learned a lot and I am looking forward for my new tasks with UiPath.

Why the system never records my last progress correctly so that I can immediately pick up from where I left off?

Some topic is difficult to understand for a non-technical people. Need more clear explanation so that non-technical person also understand. Also there should be a video showing how to build the custom RegEx from the basics. Suddenly you use custom RegEx to detects all street numbers and names from a string containing multiple addresses. But I do not know how you have created that RegEx code.

I was looking into the link which you provided. It is really great.

Being a non technical person, if I start to learn .net first, it will take few months to learn that. Then I have to start the learning UiPath. So it will take lots of time.

Can you suggest some more easy way to learn UiPath being a non-technical person ?

I suggest, you can proceed with your studies in UiPath Learning plan, and along the way if you have any confused syntaxes or logics(ex : regex), then you can look for that specific modules in .net. I guess that would be the easiest. And I strongly believe that .net is not a mandatory prerequisite to study UiPath.
Cheers. Happy Automation :v:

I have started this RPA Developer Foundation course more recently. It is very well designed even for people with basic programming knowledge and logical thinking skills. I love this course! I have a question regarding initial setup of UiPath Studio. I have all the technical hardware requirements but still the application takes quit some time for initial launching process. Welcome any advice!!

Welcome to UiPath community. Cheers for starting out with UiPath academy. I’ve also realized that at the very beginning and the installation was bit of a slow process. But only the very first time after that there is no problem. However, Happy to help if you have any problem along the journey. Community members are very supportive.
Cheers, Happy Automation. :v:

If you don’t know VBScript stuff and have a deep understanding of regular expressions, you won’t learn a whole lot here.

Also, the example for the validation of a password in Practice 5 has an error in a very simple regular expression. It is considering the first character already, so a range of (7,20) actually allows between 8 and 21 characters to be entered. It should be (7,19).

The regular expression in Practice 8 is ridiculously difficult, and has nothing to do with UiPath functionality.

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