RPA Developer Foundation certificate issue

i have completed RPA Developer Foundation course,
and i got this messaage stating that certificate has been sent to your email address:

but i didn’t receive any certificate as yet,
and prior to this i have received RPA Starter Certificate, but now i am facing this issue for foundation certificate.
can any one help me on this.

See in your mail in spam with learning.uipath.com

I went through the same situation and I raised an ticket by sending an detailed email about the issue to the following email ID: uipathsupport@uipath.com .They will address the issue and send you the required document.

Also take a look in the spam folder of your email.

URL for raising an issue with Uipath: https://www.uipath.com/company/contact-us/contact-learning.

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thanks @Anirban_Das it was helpful

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