RPA Developer Foundation 2019 vs 2021


I am a few hours into the RPA Developer foundation 2019 version.
Is it recommended to switch to the 2021 version?
It doesn’t note what the differences are, perhaps the explanation in the 2021 are better?

I found that the explainers in the module itself sometimes does not connect properly to the practice questions later on in the 2019 version.



Hi @ZNL,

It would be good to do a course that relates to the version you are using currently or have installed so you are able to practice your learnings alongside.


I currently have the latest version (community version), so i assume i’ll just be better off switching to the new RPA Developer Foundation training. Especially since i am only 4 hours into the 2019 version?

Hi @ZNL,

I cross checked info on latest RPA foundation course(shown below):

It says its applicable to 20.10 versions and beyond.

So should be more aligned with the latest version that you are using.

Also, I see there are less no of courses in 2019v(13) but in latest one, there are 16 courses in total.

I guess it would be worth going through latest one to be able to practice on exactly same platform version. There won’t be a huge huge difference but yes latest is latest :slight_smile: Coz you may miss out on few features going through 2019v which were added starting 2020v.

2019v would be more applicable for someone working in org (which is still on enterprise licensed version 2019). For you on latest community version, latest course can be considered.

Rest is your decision :slight_smile:

Happy learning!!


Just share my experience here, and hope this help. :slight_smile:

I was on the half way of the 2019 version, then I found the 2021 version this week.

I decided to switch to 2021 version, and so far so good. From my perspective, as a learner, the material is just slightly different with some new features. And I will finish my learning plan with the new one for sure.

What makes me confused is that there is no official announcement or notification to suggest learners who have taken the 2019 version that they have released the new version of courses. The new courses just came out one day without any notice. (Or maybe it has notified me somewhere in the website but I just didn’t know.)


Hi @ZNL,

Have you decided which course you are gonna refer?


Thank you WTC for your comment.
In your experience, are the practice questions in the new version more in-line with the explainers in the module?

That was my main problem with the 2019 version, they were introducing new things in the practice session and/or expecting us to do things that were never explained beforehand.

Thank you for the detailed response earlier above.
I will use the new version, since i am not that far into the old one.

I wish the developers had release update notes to explain what exactly is different, but that is unfortunately not available.

Thank you again for the comment, it really helped.

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Hi @ZNL,

I am glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Now that your doubts are resolved, I would suggest to mark solution so this topic can then be closed.

And regarding your feedback on this course, below is the link where you can provide your suggestions to the team.


Hi @ZNL , the practice question and practice session are almost the same, so it still took me a while to solve the problem by myself. I learnt python, but no vb.net coding experience before, and I would say it was frustrating at the beginning. I once stuck in one practice for hours, the process was like a torture, but I learnt a lot.
Now, I would set a time limit and try to solve the practice problem by myself. When time was up but I hadn’t finished, I would click to see the solution section and update step by step. If I still failed, I would download the solution file to see how they solve it. (However, some of the solution material are out-of-date; thus there may be errors when you use Studio to read the xml file.)
If your coding skill is not ready to solve the practice session on your own, I would suggest to read the link the course provides, or google within this forum or Stack Overflow, those are where I found answers.

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