RPA Developer Advanced: Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive PRACTICE

Hi everybody!
I’ve problems with UiDemo Walkthrough Practice. In InitAllSettings.xaml file robot can’t read credentials to log in UiDemo Application. I wrote credentials in my Orchestrator (new Asset called UiDemoPath).
When the debug started, there is an error on InitAllSettings.xaml, “Get Asset” activity: Get Asset: Invalid asset type was specified for asset ‘{0}’.

I attach below my InitAllSetting.xaml file and my Config.xlsx.

InitAllSettings.xaml (19.4 KB) Config.xlsx (20.4 KB)

I hope that someone can help me, thanks in advance.

Hey @gla14 have you created the Asset in orchestrator as an Asset or Credential?

Yes! I’ve created an Asset, credential type

Perhaps try creating an Asset

this is my situation on orchestrator

Check this out:

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