'RPA Developer - Advanced Learning Plan' not completed even after completing a Advanced Training

I’ve completed a Level 3 - Advanced Training but still my RPA Developer - Advanced Learning Plan is looks in progress.
Anybody know the reason?

Actually the plan has both the old and the revamped versions of the trainings included.
Generally the idea is to do any of those for L1 and then for L2 till L3

However, once you do one of them the ones are still there hence your plan stays in progress.

We are looking forward for an update to happen so that the plan will be autocompleted once all levels are completed Or an otion to select one version of the available ones to create a plan.

Until now its like this :slight_smile:

You can also contact support


It changed into a done status once I starts the ‘Level 1 - Foundation Training - revamped’ training.
And, thank you @nadim.warsi

Well thats good news then :slight_smile:

Happy learning!