RPA Developer Advanced Certification timelines

I am looking to take the RPA Developer Advanced Certification. Currently it has two sections “Section 1 - Quiz” and “Section 2 - Practical exam”

Anybody aware what is the max time allowed to take both the exam. If I take the quiz in the current week, can I take the practical exam after 2-3 weeks or I have to complete both in one go


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Hello @jhingran.amit82

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You can complete the Section1:Quiz now and go for Practical Exam later on when you are ready.
There is no as such timeline to complete it together.
But you have to complete the individual tests on their timelines.

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There is no set time line mentioned when you have to complete both the tests. I am sure it will be a little tough for anyone to give a 45 mins quiz and immediately sit for a 3:30 hrs practical, hence we can safely assume that we can take a break of few days / weeks between both.

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Hi @jhingran.amit82

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There is no specific timeline to complete both exams. You can complete the quiz and start the exam after few days when you are ready. However, for each exam, there is a time limit for you to complete. The quiz has to be done within 90 minutes. and the practical exam has to be completed within 3 and a half hours after starting…

You have to complete each part at one go and not both at one go.