RPA Developer Advanced Certification. ReFramework

Hi guys :slight_smile:
It would be great to hear the opinions of the guys from UAPath, as well as everyone who might be interested.
The theme is - why is it necessary to make a robot for a certification exam based on the ReFramework? Yes, ReFramework allows you to quickly build a bot, since much has already been implemented in it.
But ReFramework is still a recommendation, and not the only way to build bots.
If closer to the point, in the practical part of the certification, I made a bot not based on the ReFramework, I wanted to show other ways to solve the problem. But, apparently, the automatic verification system returned a negative exam result to me, as it is based on the ReFramework and its components.
In my opinion, the essence of certification is becoming unclear. After all, it is important to solve the problem, and not to perform something according to the template.
What do you think about it?

While the REFramework is a recommendation, it is also an industry standard. The purpose of the Certification Exam is to prove to employers that you can build a bot process that will remain stable in the long run. Also, if an error occurs, the REFramework more easily allows you to see what happened when you’re not watching the process.

This is also required because it tests the breadth of your skill, since you’re also tested on your ability to make the bot functional.

I agree with you, but not completely. After all, there is a way to make a bot, with detailed logging, exception handling, stable, according to the best automation practices, without using ReFramework. Make it stable, scalable, and also with the ability to handle errors and understand where they occurred and what to do about it.
At the same time, when, for example, you do it, it is not with the help of a framework, you understand every component of the bot, and accordingly it is easier to manage it. I am sure that there are a sufficient number of those who are not interested in how one or another component of the framework works. Therefore, the question of skills is debatable.
And I do not quite agree that ReFramework is an industry standard. There are companies that do not use it, while doing quite large-scale and multi-level automation systems

It’s worth having some form of framework that can be used in business. At the very least, I find it useful for learning how to do so. But I agree that there are other ways to stabilize bot processes. In fact, there are cases where the REFramework is insufficient for stability.