RPA Developer Advanced Assignment 1 FAILED

Please check the above video . The UiPath RPA Developer Assignment 1 works fine. But the automatic evaluation fails for some unknown reason. I have checked the Acme system email and academy email to be the same. The Hash is correctly generated, as i checked it more than 5 times. Please help me clear assignment 1, as the automatic evaluation automatically fails. i zip the full folder and upload it, also did a video upload twice to academy evaluation tool


You need to use this site to generate the hash code

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Both the sites return the same Hash. The Hash results are the same. So as per the evaluation criteria, the Hash and status of the WI should be correct. Which is in my case.

Whether you are using same email id to login to Acme as the Uipath Academy?
As here,

AND its better to use the uipath recommended sites rather than the other hash sites.

ok i will change the Uipath recommended hash site. But i am pretty sure the Hash’s are correct. The email used for Acme and academy portal are the same.


you can see the email i use in my academy login and acme are same. And also you can see from the video the Hashes are accurate, in expected format. I am not happy with UiPath’s support, as i am struggling with it for the past 4 days, and many hours of attempt, no luck.

Hi @tdas10

I don’t know if you know this, but the assignment evaluations are solely performed on the work-item status from my understanding. So, you need all your items to be passed on the acme site and it will pass the evaluation regardless of your workflows.


Here’s the link to check the assignment statuses: https://acme-test.uipath.com/account/check-assignment

Correct agree with you Clayton. The acme website contains the accurate Hash and COmpleted status. As you can see in the attached video in the first message. Thanks for your response Manish , Sarathi and Calyton.

Thanks Joseph. I look at the Check-assignment menu, in ACme system. It does show as failed. But i checked few hashes and status manually. ANd they are accurate. Below are the Details for 5 which i manually checked. They are correct.

RU90268-Veda Blaylock-Germany ----> 8a6b096afca2f039f0e9f61188f80de67f2476e2
NC73296-Keshia Pentecost-France —>f15b549de6b3a8ae2e46699398c4103e6df4aa37
PU23971-Chance Strittmatter-Germany->40dc24d603fd311b6ba3bfd09d814cf4da1ff979
RW82952-Jesica Rutt-Germany--------->97169a1bf1d2f9955c63d3d90deb0dbb3f957ec1
EQ75283-Kizzie Kohen-Italy-------------->38582b3110d71432676180cb677fba459dc3f68f


The hash is correctly stored in comments section.

Above is the link to the Check assignemnts menu, within my Acme sytem user session .

username: tdas10@gmail.com
password: password

anyone can login to verify , the hash is correct and as per expected assignment process

But it still fails. Sadly. :sob:

Hello Friends,
i just get a message the Assignment 1 is failed. But there is no support from Uipath Academy. How do we contact the UiPath folks regarding this?

unresolved now for 2 weeks. :innocent: