RPA Developer Advance Certification - Free util December 31st 2018. Extended to March 31st 2019



Hi All,

What a surprise !! See here

Free Útil March 31st 2019



What is the difference between this and the Advance Training in the academy ?



Academy Training levels are different which are designed for members that are new to RPA and UiPath, it helps them to have basic and advance knowledge and practical experience through exercises.

However, Advance Certification is a paid certification which has been made free until 31st March 2019, which evaluates a member on advance knowledge about the RPA and UiPath activities.



Hi Helenzh,
Do you reset the data before uploading ?
That’s where i went wrong.


I did reset…I made it through via using recording:P


Hi @PrankurJoshi, can you explain in brief about the below screenshot, what will be asked in the Practical Exams part…?

Thanks in advance!


Ty guys for info, I newly joined the forum. Recently started working on RPA. Automated a simple process, learning RPA is fun.

And I found this certification url is helpful thank you


Hi,… I have cleared the quiz in 3rd attempt … finally … but now struggling in the phaseII code … i have failed in first attempt … any idea if same code will be displayed to be solved for a new solution is expected to be solved in next session ?


Sorry for the late reply.
After you run your robot proces, leave the data, do not reset and then send you automation to uipath.


check separate xaml file for login to acme, with correct definition and functionality. ,
check config file - config.xlsx for extra configurations for acme_url and acme_credential,
check the initallapplications.xaml file, for correct definition and functionality. ,
check the closeallapplications.xaml file, for correct definition and functionality. ,
check the killallprocesses.xaml file, for correct definition and functionality. ,
check for renaming activities 1,
check for renaming activities 2,
check for optimal filtering of datatable records,
check for synchronizing ui when navigating pages,
check against using hardcoded values…getting these errors …can someone please guide