RPA DEV workflow error - Help!

Hi Everyone

Requirement is to pass data from an excel table to data fields in a web browser App

Using a DT and “for each row” activity to pass data in to a particular field in the App
When the process runs the first line of the data table populates into the correct field no problem
However when the sequence loops back to process next data line an error indicating the "“selector” can not be found " occurs
Note however the selector was found on processing the first line of data - error is below
Any help would be appreciated thanks

Seriously, I’ve seen this problem multiple times on this forum and there’s still no concrete answer for this.

That error means that the selector is no longer available. So the concrete answer is to handle the selector(for example by using wildcards).

There is not much we can answer here on the Forum based only on the error message, without having the website(to check the selector).

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