RPA course level 3. Problems with Data Scraping, Invoke Workflow and Assign to advance

I am doing the RPA course in the UiPath academy, I am in level 3 advanced training and I have problems with some processes that do not allow me to advance. I hope you can guide me to solve the problems I have.
In a workflow (subprocess) I try to extract in a data table variable. In another workflow I make the call. I use the assign activity for the result in a new variable.
But it is not importing my table correctly, I do not know the syntax to do it and it does not compile my work.

I enclose a part of the student who gives the course, as I am new it allows me to upload only one image.


Welcome to the UIPath Community.

If you want to communicate between two different workflows then we have create Arguments and specify direction like In or Out or In/Out but not variables.

Thanks for your help.

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