RPA Challenge -scrap data form the stock market page


I have scrap data from the stock market page.
URL “RPA Stock Market


                             **Image 1**
  1. select options one by one as shown in image 1

  2. scrap table as shown in image 2 and stored in excel.


                     **Image 2**

Note: 1. scrap values are amount and last updated (I am highlighted in image 2)
2. amount value will be changed in 2 minutes.
3. minimum 3 amounts and the last updated record stored in excel. (refer to images below)

image image image

  1. Excel sheet output as shown in the below image


How can I scrap data?

Minal Patil

Hi @minal.patil

you can use the get text activity and then append it to excel

Hi @minal.patil Try below steps

  • To select each item use Select Item activity
  • Use Element Exists to make sure the page loads successfully before you start extracting the data
  • Use Get Text activity to extract the required fields
  • Update data table with the extracted values
  • Finally, write the data table to an excel

Put minimum 3 records.