RPA Challenge Rows & Columns

Hello there, here is something tricky i just can’t get it. In this exercise, you need to take the data from a csv and fill in the blanks at rpachallenge.com

The thing is, why are we iterating for each row when we need to go throught the columns ? There is no column iteration at the exercise. And we need to go through columns becouse that is where the data is.

The question is:

  • Why are we iterating through rows when we also need columns ?
  • How do we go through the columns if we are only going through rows ?

Here are some images for better understanding.

Hey CopyBox.

When iterating through a Data Table with a ‘For Each Row’, we take each row one by one. The row includes all the columns. What we then do (before we are going to the next row) is to fill in the input fields from each column (we can refer to the specific cell by row.item(“YourColumnName”).ToString, where row it the current row in the ‘For Each Row’ and item equals column) and then click next in the browser. The loop will now start over and fill in the next rows data to the next page.

If you want, I have made a complete walk-through to the problem here, RPA Challenge | Solution Part 1 - Input Forms (using Dynamic Selectors and Anchor) | UiPath - YouTube

Hey Anders ! What a surprise, i really enjoy your youtube channel about uipath. I’l be checking this video right now ! Thank you !

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Thank you very much :blush: Let me know, if that solved it for you.