RPA_challege_shortest path

Hi i am just working on shortest path rpa challenge…in which the the row position of the element keeps changing.how to fix it.tried anchor base but still no working…Kindly help

Samsanditha B P

Hi @Samsanditha

I have created workflow based on requirement please open and run I hope you will get the solution.

RPAChallenge.zip (55.2 KB)

Kommi Jeevan.

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Thanks for responding…The workflow which you have attached belong to “Input Forms” rpa challenge.I am working on “Shortest Path” rpa challege.


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i’m also tried this kindly give me a workflow of that

Hi padmapriy you are solve that ? Because I get same problem

Hi dear you are solve that ? Because I get same problem


One solution is:

1- Read the label
2- Extract the data of that label (eg. label is “City”, data is “New York”
3- Use the label you read in step 1 to lookup for the label of the field where you want to insert the data.
4- Once you found the label input the data to its field.
5- Repeat same steps for each row.


Here’s a link to the workflow RPA Challenge Shortest Path
And the link to the video explaining the workflow YouTube link
please mark it as solve if it answers your query