RPA as Microsoft service

Hi Guys,

How to use the RPA in Microsoft service? am new to this. Please help on this.


hi @arunshiva

may be this could add some insights to you buddy


thanks buddy @Palaniyappan

  1. Are you done any experiment on this before?
    2.Do you have any idea what is the difference of using Orchestrator directly and as a Microsoft service.?

No buddy i didn’t get a chance to use this before… @arunshiva
but i had these stuffs to be read before getting to them
thats why shared you the same
Cheers @arunshiva

Buddy @Palaniyappan,

Actually you shared me the video how to develop the Bot for Microsoft Web Service.

But i need a answer for - We have a UiPath Service in Microsoft Azure Portal - how we can use it?
Refer this link : UiPath Orchestrator

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