RPA Advanced developer certification

HI, While I am trying to appear for the RPA advanced developer certification (3 step process), as soon as I click on start button to start the practical exam after completing the quiz, it is giving me a message “your session has expired”, there is no timer running and also no option to upload any file.
Why is it happening. I have already lost my one trial due to this. Can anybody pls help?

Hi @Aishwarya28

That is because you didn’t end your previous attempt, just click on close session and wait for 24 hrs to attempt again.


Hi, I have tried this with another email ID and getting the same screen after 24 hours as well when I tried for the second time.

hi , can you explain why you are attempting the rpa advanced developer agian? I can already see that you are a robot master .

i presumed the advanced diploma was sufficient to show that we completed the advanced certification process

The robot master badge I got on completing the Advanced level exam on RPA academy. Currently I am trying to appear for RPA advanced developer certification (https://certificate.uipath.com/)

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The Certification Quiz is similar to the RPA Academy quizzes?

yes, the only difference is you have to complete it in 90 minutes.

@Aishwarya28, is it mainly focused on UiPath Studio or it also includes questions related to UiPath Orchestrator?


@Aishwarya28, thank you for your feedback

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Hi @Fer,

RPA Advance Developer Certificate URL (Ends 31st March) :


There will be three levels,

Level 1 : Theoretical Exam

Level 2 : Assignment &

Level 3 : Review

Level 1 : out of 45 questions,
10 questions will be from Foundation
10 questions will be from Orchestrator
25 questions will be from Re-Framework

All the best:+1:

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one update pls:
RPA Advance Developer Certificate URL (Free until 31st March) :

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@kaluri, can you give an example of a Re-Framework question?

Does the other questions enter in detail for configuration questions?

Examples of Re-framework questions would be which state comes after what, where does the flow go is system failure occurs in init state, where do you increment the transaction numbers etc…
It is easy and some pretty obvious questions.
I would suggest you to go for the quiz pls as last date is approaching.

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@Aishwarya28, thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: I did it :smiley:

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Awesome :clap::clap::ok_hand:

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COngratulations :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@kaluri, I forgot to mention you, but I also thank your help

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