Rpa advanced developer assignment 1

what do I have to do in uipath assignment 1 advanced robotic process automation

You can read the PDD of the problem, self explanatory.

You have to complete the assignment based on the walkthrough document.
All the assignments are based on Robotic Enterprise Framework (REF) where you will learn how to use REF framework.

Karthik Byggari


please find step by step instruction on steps to be performed to complete this assignment

this is detailed in the PDF document given in the portal.
ensure to use RE-Framework for all of the assignment in level 3

In the assignment, I am told to create add a ‘Add Queue item’ activity and 'Fill in the QueueName field, and then create a queue with same name in Orchestrator.

But I am not given any link to an dummy Orchestrator, how am I supposed to do the exercise and test the queues then?

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Thank you @FebinKAndrews