RPA Advanced - Assignment 1 - Studio unexpected behaviour on Assign Activity


I’m doing the RPA Advanced - Assignment 1.
I’m encountering an error on a simple “Assignment” activity.

Attached project, attached .PDF Walkthrought, Studio v2018.4.0, attached screenshot

I ended on page 11 of the .PDF, done every steps and i’m there :
At this point, the framework configuration is complete. We can test the Main workflow by running it, and then checking the extraction of input data. Use the Output log window to see if the data is correct.

I searched and found other close topics ; like Queue item and others

Why would i have an error : Cannot assign from type ‘UiPath.Core.QueueItem’ to type ‘System.Data.DataRow’ in Assign activity ‘End Process’.
When assigning the value “Nothing” to my variable “TransactionItem” of type Datarow?

I lost 2 hours, reviewing the workflow, trying to find where i would have miss a type…
Even other topics are pointing in this direction.

In fact, i can of course assign “Nothing” to my datarow variable. But i need to delete en recreate this Assignment Activity.
In the same action, deleting the “To” value of assignment activity and retyping the value, keep the error.
In 2 actions, 1st deleting the “To” value. Click out. 2nd action, setting the value of “To” to original value; working without error…
Copy pasting the Assign, also keep the error.

Can you confirm its an unexpected behaviour ?
Can you confirm the current context (studio 2018.4, current walkthrought version, current RE framework) leads to this bug ?

Did i made any mistake ending with this behaviour ?

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts :slight_smile:
Kind regards,

edit: new users cannot upload attachments… uh … i mean … wh… why?!
I think that would help if i could upload the project for reviewing by other users.


I tried same thing but did not get any error. Please find the attached screenshot.

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@Ulysse Of course this is the common error most of us faced when we did Assignment 1. However just delete “Nothing” and save the file, again retype “Nothing” in same position will work.


Hello @lakshman, Thank you for your feedback.

Thats the problem.
Following walkthrought ending up with this false error → changing the type from Queue to Datarow should refresh related activity and not fire a false error.

Creating the activity : resolve the problem.
Deleting one of the property of the Assign activity and click out (or save) and re-enter one of the property : resolve the problem
Changing the type of the variable of the assign activity without resetting the properties : create the problem.

On the screenshot i provided.
The 2nd activity is the default activity of the RE framework where i just chnaged the type of the variable: error.
The 1st activity, i created from scratch, after investigating the bug, with exactly the same value; has no error.

I consider this behaviour as a bug.

I copied the project folder, deleted the 2 bugged “End Process” assign activity (2nd is commented on the right), created the assign, everything is working as expected.
The original project folder keep the bug as long as i would not reset the assign properties.

Maybe i could upload and share the workflow so we can ensure the situation, as you were not able to reproduce, I might have done wrong steps or got somehow a corrupted file.

Hello @Theepan, Thank you for your feedback.

I understand that everyone encounter difficulties with variable typing and so at this stage; little bit of try and error; fine.

Considering the problem : Cannot assign from type ‘UiPath.Core.QueueItem’ to type ‘System.Data.DataRow’ in Assign activity ‘End Process’.
Considering the solution : However just delete “Nothing” and save the file, again retype “Nothing” in same position will work.

I consider this behaviour as unexpected.

uploaded workflow
Dev3Ass1Bugged.zip (605.9 KB)

We can clarify the situation. If its a bug or if i did some mistakes.

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