RPA Advance Training 44% complete


I have completed Level 1 (default/2016 version), Level 2 (2018 version), and Level 3 (2018 version), but the percent completed is still at 44%.

I clicked on the latest version of Level 1 foundation (2018) and now the resume course always takes me to level 1 foundation, even though I have completed level 3.

I am not sure if I have to complete the Level 1 foundation of 2018? or just ignore it as I was able to complete Level 3 of the advance training and received my diploma?

Any suggestions?

In order to get the advance diploma, you have to complete the Foundation diploma first.

Karthik Byggari

Yes, I did complete foundation first.
The learning plan for “Advance Training” contains multiple versions of Foundation course.

The percentage 44%, that I am talking about is for “Learning Plan” and not the individual course.


Your learning plan contains revamped course of foundation and other orchestrator courses (new versions of Orchestrator learnings).

You can ignore those as you already completed level3.

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