Rows Being Dropped From DataTable

I have a process that uses the Reframework template. I have a datatable that is created and used throughout the process. If there is an application exception during the init stage it will retry the process up to 2 more times. What I am seeing is the datatable is flowing properly through the different states and xamls, but items that were already added to the datatable are being dropped. For example the datatable had 7 rows in it, and there was a timeout issue in the current xaml, and when debugging the process and stepping into it 4 rows are dropped from the datatable.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?


I’ve never experienced something like this. Are you using any filtering conditions to filter out certain rows before passing it to the next state?

You can try using a WriteLine to print the DT’s row count as you move from one state to another, maybe it can help you identify where your data is being dropped from the DT.

No, no filtering conditions at all. The items are added to the datatable in the same scope. When I debug and step into it with a watch for the number of rows in the datatable, I can see the exact moment that the number of rows drops but nothing is happening there, it’s just backing out through the xamls handling the exception.