Row items do not return any values after re populating data table

I am extracting medical claim data from a website as structured data for multiple persons. For the first person I can read the claim data perfectly using a Get Row Item. For the following persons it returns the correct number of claims but does return NULL for any of the data elements within the claim record. Any idea what I can do to figure that out.

May be the data is scraped into a single column with a unknown delimiter, This will not solve the issue, but try writing the scraped data to an excel and check if the rows and columns are perfectly arranged in the data table

For the first patient it reads the claim data table perfectly. For the next patient the data table has the correct number of claims but no data. If I make the same patient the first record to read I am able to extract the claim data without any problems. I am clearing the data table before I read a the claim data for a new patient.

Why don’t you scrape all the data at once to a data table instead or row and then loop through each row to get the required values in that particular row?

That what I am doing. I am scraping the data to a data table and loop to each row to get the value and run a sql update statement for the patient to populate some header and detail tables.

Hi, can you pls post the extract metadata here
If your metadata is having idx , pls remove that and try again

I am not sure if I understand what you mean with extracting metadata. How would I do that? Can not post any patient data as I have comply with HIPAA.

Hi , go to data scraping sequence in the code
Now click on extract structured data activity
You will see a property there with name 'metadata
Just copy that and paste here

It doesn’t contain any actual data that you scraped , it just gives structure



sorry it took me a while to get back with you, was pulled into some other project.

Meta data:

Have done some additional testing. Added a Write csv activity right after the data scrape activity. Checking the csv file I see it appends data to the right after first run. Now sure how to prevent that. The selector looks like: