Row Index Question

Hi All,

I have a screenshot of a current issue I am having. So to give some context to this issue… We have to do a comparison of data, but there are 2 different modules that we are using in order to get the data we need. The issue is that sometimes a profile may have 2 users vice once. The 2 blank rows will be filled out in the 2nd module IF existing information exist in the excel. Once we get to the 2nd module the 2 blank rows will be filled out by a “Match” OR “No Match” but the issue is that when I do a write cell it will skip a row or 2. What would be the best way to alleviate this issue? There may not always be 2 borrowers, so I see this issue happening just when there are 2 borrowers. In the sample provided this is a simple scenario on what is happening. When I am inputting the other information I am using append range, when there is existing data from the 1st module, in the 2nd module I will be using write cell to fill in the blank rows.

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Hi @Sunny_D

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From what you mentioned, I understand that when you are trying to write some data into Cell E5, it is getting updated in either E6 or E7.

based on my understanding, while giving the cell number did u consider the header row and row count to start from 0 ?