Row data need to assign to the users

Hello Community,

I need a solution for my process.

. we have an excel with data which need to assign the complete row to one particular engineer through email stating we have assigned new case to you for processing.
. same need to repeat for 8 engineers with the Input file once 8 rows are finished assigning the same 8 engineers. 9th row need to assign to the 1st engineer .

Daily distribution is on Round Robin basis.

can anyone suggest how to design the flow?

in general we can model round robins by using the Mod function

Maybe you can illustrate some sample data with demo names… so we can workout some more details

Also have a look here:

okay like when 1st row completed it will apply to 2nd row as well the same with the for Each right ?

not clear. As mentioned share more clear description along with samples. Also check updated post from above linking to an example

for each output index (0,1,2,3… per loop) in combination with the demonstrated MOD function can be used e.g. for the round robin.

Hi Peter,

I attached the Input file here please check it,
sheet 1 is input file row details.
Sheet2 need to assign to the engineers.

Input.xlsx (11.1 KB)

assumed following

  • there is a list with developers emails:
    arrDevEmail = {, …}

We want to iterate the excel and assign in round robin style the rows to the dedicated developer

we can do:

But maybe it would be more efficient to group also the different rows to the different developers and send an email with more rows in order to reduce the emails with work assignments

feel fre to remove the offset and use idx Mod arrDevEmail instead

yes we suggested the same to the user each row to individual email will received more count.

any ways i will try you way and confirm you. thanks for the quick responce.

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