Row by Row iteration

I want to iterate by row wise which means in a excel which contains many row in that i want iterate row by row and want to print a single row in different excel…please help me how to do

@ibunumasuth if u want to write row based on value of certain data. Use following methods.

  1. Read the excel and store the output in dataTable variable.

  2. Use below to get method required rows based on value.


    Output of above method will be dataTable, assign output to datatable

  3. Write above output obtained datatable to required excel using read range activity.

sorry i am new to this if you have example plzzz share so that everyone can learn from u…Thanks

@ibunumasuth whats ur exact requirement? u want to copy excel data from one excel to another excel or u want to copy data based any condition

See Attached workflow which will read an sample having excel Name,Address and Phone and the for each row it will create new excel

Main.xaml (13.9 KB)

SampleExcel.xlsx (8.2 KB)
Result_1.xlsx (8.1 KB)
Result_2.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Try making a for-each loop and in the loop use Get Row for the first excel sheet’s variables, and then in that same For-each Loop use excel application scope to specify the other sheet, and with a write range activity inside to print the original values from the original sheet

Yes, Exactly ur write bro…but i should not use get row item in it…only i should with the help of for each only…

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Well i am having excel sheet in that i am having NON-LONEE in that there will be lot of information of the customer for each customer i have print the each excel for each customer with the header also…

in NON_LONEE in that colum there will be also lot of information will also be there in that single row for example

FarmerType Name Faremer Community Age

in this i want to iterate row by row including header also

You can do it the same way. Try a if condition in for each look like row(“FarmerType”).tostring= NON=LONEE then write into excel with Add Headers property checked

Let me try it…Thanks Bro

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Hi, I have a similar problem but combined with a Citrix environment and I have no idea how to iterate and perform the tasks based on two columns.

In column “A” I have different company codes within a group of companies (these are random).
Based on the value in column “A” I need to change the module to that client and use the activity “Type into” with the value from column “B”. And perform some other tasks that are pretty simple like, “TAB”, “TAB”, “ENTER”.

Then move on to the next row of the dataTable and repeat: change client → type into → tab, tab, enter.

I’m completely new to this and this is my first robot I’m making, I need to learn this basic iteration since almost all of our processes will be similar with databases of client + value. I appriciate any help.

I should add that my workflow continues after the iterations and tasks.

image have this, now I want to get the first row in a variable as I need these values later in my process flow.Once the process is finished for the first row then it whould come to the second row and do the same for the second.
I tried but not getting what I want…

@kartik_sareen Are you saying you want to get data from row which contains “JED”? but your not getting data as expected.

If my above understanding is correct. Check below steps.

  1. Read excel data and store the output in excel with header option is checked.
  2. use for each datarow activity
    inside for loop, do necessary operations. after execution of current loop data from
    2nd row taken executed.

if you not getting correctly after following above steps. please post screenshot of your workflow.

Well no, In the first iteration I just need JED, JHRGD, EUR , Null, Airtel in different variables which I will be using in the process later, once the process is complete the bot should take the second row from the data table ( KIl, HJZGH, EUR, CZK, Wipro ) and so on till we are finished with the total number of rows, the same process.

@kartik_sareen Same thing i said, but i just referred only first cell that’s all.
Can you post the screen shot of reading excel and for each datarow?

Thank u , Done

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hey there, this demo may help you as per you ask. Check how the message is printed row by row in this demo