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I tried searching information in UiPath documentation , but couldn’t find any.

I am in cost benefit analysis section of automation hub, where I try to capture information of an unattended bot. under , Average Handling Time Human vs Automated, need to fill in Robot speed multiplier.
Can someone explain as to what should one enter in this field and what is the criteria to consider?

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we have to enter robot speed multiplier as integer eg: 2 or 3 depend upon the bot speed of processing the transaction. For suppose human is taking average 10 minutes to complete transaction and our bot is taking only five minutes in that case we have to enter 2 since bot is two times faster than human. Earlier we have done manual cost estimation at our end. Based on that experience I am sharing this thought. I am not 100 percent sure.


Alright, Thanks for the explanation.

Kirankumar has mentioned correctly

@Aditi.av if you need to have any clarifications in the cost benefit analysis, it’s highly recommended to see the case study, in that there are all the parameters highlighted and it’s always good to observe a case study to gain better understanding

Here I’m sharing one of the case study, in this the multiplier was 7.

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Thanks Rahul

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You can also check the user documentation and the video referenced at the end of the page, to understand how the robot speed multiplier is used in the Cost-Benefit Analysis page.

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