Root Path location for Multi Node Orchestrator


Just would like to have some clarification. When setting up a multi-node orchestrator, I understand from the documentation that only the NUGET Packages will be stored in a shared storage. How about the other config files such as Web.config, Orchestrator.dll.config etc be stored? For single node installation, the default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator.

My question is, since this is stored locally at Web Server 1, how do Web Server 2 will have the same configuration as Web Server 1? Should it be that both Web Servers should have identical config and hence the need for the storage to be centralized not only the Nuget Package? Thanks.

Hi @musrehan,
I can try to answer this more in general. So if you have more than one Orchestrator in the node we are calling this cluster. Each clustered machine is configured to know its other instances. There is a configuration that is being exchanged across all machines. So whenever you are joining another machine to the cluster the new machine will get the proper config and parameters from the current master. Regarding the web.config file - this is the file that consists of settings of IIS that are related to the Orchestrator. So another machine in the cluster will be a part of the same IIS right?