Rookie UiPath developer in need of some help!


I’m currently a student in Florida and just recently upped my UiPath skills to help build a bot for my dad (he needed assistance in an automation for a repetitive task he saw himself doing everyday.)

My question is (and sorry if it’s a silly question):
What’s the best/easiest way for my dad to gain access of the bot I’ve created on to his desktop? In other words, how do I get the bot I’ve made on my UiPath studio, into his UiPath robot?

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I don’t know if that is the answer to the question, but are you asking about “publish”?

By publishing, you can run the project from the robot tray.


You can use orchestrator if your dad want to do anything in the both that you created .Just publish it like @tera share to us and you can do a lot of things with your bot.I hope i make it sense :smiley: @GTowerz

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Happy learning :smiley:


in addition to @pattyricarte, you can create your own Orchestrator thru the link below using the community version. Hope this helps! @GTowerz

–edited previous post, that was supposed to be Orchestrator (CR is for AA… apologies :slight_smile:)


Hey @GTowerz

You are interesting guy like me. Lol. I have my own bots too…

So, what you can do is, I believe you use a community version since it’s a personal thing. So use the full package… orchestrator robot and studio…

Once you finish the development, publish it to the orchestrator. Community orchestrator is capable of handling two attended bots at a time. Now in the other computer, connect the robot with orchestrator so that it has the access to the solution you published.

Now through its robot tray, you will be able to see the published packages so your dad can run from there…

If you want to schedule, you can do that too through orchestrator


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