Rookie question of style

I can see where it would be easy to wind up with many 10’s of little instructions in a single application scope such as excel. if that got to be 20 or 30 or 40 it would be advantageous to break it up into smaller chunks that did certain features. For instance:
steps to copy a footer of formulas down one range
next steps to copy in the data you want in the last row
next steps to go to another sheet and add some data
three questions:

  1. is there a rule of thumb or etiquette for what is considered too many steps in one set
  2. is sequence the right definer for a set of steps
  3. I can’t seem to scope a variable to the whole application scope. sequence seems the highest level right now, an I pass variables from sequence to sequence or is there a more global scoping I haven’t found?

Hi Bill,

  1. This is a matter of preference although there are certainly good and bad ways of doing this. If it becomes too cluttered then consider breaking it up.
  2. Not always. If you are making decisions consider using the flowchart activity. You can call workflows from the flowchart. Additionally you have the State Machine which can sit above a flowchart. Be careful of creating too many layers though
  3. You can pass arguments between all of the activities mentioned above. These can be defined at your highest level which effectively makes them global variables.