Rollback project files

Does anybody know how to rollback project files using UiPath Studio connected to a Team Foundation Server?

Not Sure undo option does the job.
Please check.

That’s not quite what I wanted. “Undo” reverts only current version, and I can’t rollback to a changeset, which I made several times earlier.
In this article it is said that history of changes can be accessed from UiPath using Team Explorer. However, Team Explorer doesn’t download from the link from UiPath, and Team Explorer Everywhere 2015, which I downloaded from Microsoft webpage, doesn’t work.


Doing some research/testing on this and get back to you asap. Although, “History” should do the trick. As i said, still investigating.

In TFS there is an option called roll back.

1.View the history of the thing you want to rollback.
2.Select the changeset you want to roll back.
3.Right click on the changset and choose “Rollback”.
4.Check that the pending changes are correct (the rollback command will revert the entire changeset not just the file you selected)
5. Check in.
any of above 5 options can implement/create in UiPath work flow.

Hope my inputs are useful