Roles In Orchestrator

Hi All,

Could someone help me with the roles in Orchestrator.

For say, we have two departments which are Finance and People Operations. I am able to give the access to the teams to View only. But, how can I restrict them to not looking into other’s environment (other’s BOTS).


Hi Rahul,

You can create different tenants for each department, but that means two licence files(as licensing is per tenant in 2017.1).
Another solution would be to enable Organisation Units - but remember that this is an experimental feature: create two OU for each department and you can give no permissions on this feature for the users in the departments.
You have more information about this here:

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Thank you @ovi,

I did not find why is it experimental. Could you please let me know if you know about it.


Any known issues in 2017.1 since it is stated as experimental in 2017.1 documentation, but not in 2018.1.

If I have to move 2 Robots from Default to say Unit1 , Do i need to recreate everything (Robot,Process,Assets etc) manually?

We were basically waiting for feedback on how to enhance them, so that’s why they are still experimental in 2018.1. I think they will become continers:

If you have to move the Robots, you will have to recreate everything manually.

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Thanks. So container is a subtenant (roommate) :wink:

Yes, more like a “mini-orchestrator” inside a tenant. If that makes any sense :smile:

Much better.

move the Robots, you will have to recreate everything manually. >>> Has this been updated in 2018.2, some mechanism to transfer robots between units