Robust workflow

Hi All,

I have a question regarding building a robust workflow.
The scenario is:
Logging into a website to scrape data

Open browser
enter web address
select Single Sign In option
load next page
Select Organisation/Business name from drop down
load next page
enter email and password, click enter
load into final page.

We are finding that the first and second ‘load next page’ can at times due to the website or internet take longer to load or error when loading.
Some of the issues are the website is down for maint or there is just a longer load time.

I would like to build a workflow that while navigating to the final destination page can recover from page errors or issues with pages taking longer to load.

I know I can increase the timeout on loading pages, however when a page comes up with an error I want it to refresh the page, if that doesnt work close the browser, open browser again and try to load through to the page.

My question due to my inexperience is: Is there a design or template that people have created or used that I can refer to so that I can build a workflow that when something doesn’t load on the webpage as its trying to navigate to the final destination page the workflow will try a couple of things then restart the browser…
I am hoping to remove any human interaction where possible. I know there can be issues at times with the site but I do not want to keep stopping the bot if I can set it to try again on its own.

Apologies if that sounds more complex than it is, I guess I am looking to learn how to make workflows self sufficient when issues happen where possible



There are many solutions to your problem :slight_smile:

Solution 1 - use find element activity with a selector that defines if the “load next” has been loaded.
Timeout should be like 60.000

Solution 2 - use element exist activity with a selector that defines if the “load next” has been loaded.

Place the element exists within a do while activity and also add a delay activity.

This solution will loop until page has been loaded :slight_smile:

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