Robots/Machines Mutiplied in Licenses


For information, I am using Orchestrator 2020.10.8
So I am trying to move the infrastructure and I’ve encountered a problem. I’ve created a machine with the matching name. I’ve created 4 standard unattended robots from the folder section, as follows: Corresponding machine, Type unattended, Credential Store orch database, Domain the one from the computer using whoami, Password the same used to connect on the remote desktop.

The problem comes here, in the License tab there was this machine with 4 robots, when I went into each o the remote desktops and connected the Assistant in the License section the same machine got duplicated for each computer, and after testing the singe instances are the ones running not the instance with 4 robots. Since I will have more robots than licenses it would be a pain to disable/enable each instance.

Any idea why these instances were created, how to remove them, and make sure the robots stay grouped under a single machine that will be used to run the process. I provided a screenshot to show the duplicated instances and the fact that that duplicated one is the one licensed not the proper one.


There was previous thread with the same issue, but there was no solution wrote in the below post

You can raise this to UiPath Technical team, so that they can better help you

For reaching UiPath Technical team check below link

Hope this may help you


I’ve created a ticket but still waiting if any other solution pops up since it’s an urgent process.

Thank you for the suggestion.