Robots are not creating jobs

Hi can u please short out this issue…when I am scheduling the jobs this type of error occuring


Trigger cannot create more jobs if already maximum Number of running and pending jobs value is reached…

Increase the number to let it create more jobs in pending state if a process is in running already


Hi Anil,

Thanks for reply

I had stopped all the jobs and I will re trigger same job…but it throws same error…how can I fix it?


Check the filters and remove all …and see if any job is in pending state …then you have to kill those as well…and if same bot is being used in another folder check that as well and kill


Hello @katasani_Vishnu_Vardhana

Plz confirm you have already lincensed and connected the bots. In UiPath assistant is it showing as connected and licensed. If not you need to do it before executing the job.