Robotics Enterprise Frameworks

I am doing advanced developer certification. Where can I learn about Robotics Enterprise frameworks? And when should it be used?
Thank you very much, but I am holding back and I cannot move forward !!!

hi @Hpinque
take this course, is the best in my opinion.


Thank you very much for your answer!!
That is precisely the course I do not understand how to apply … There is no additional information to help me with:
1- When should it be used?
2- How to make previously designed processes work with it

Hablas español?

Thank you!

si, hablo español, no olvides que hay una sesión en el foro llamada: “Ask in your language” allí puedes preguntar en español y explicar mejor lo que necesitas y te ayudamos a entender mejor también.
Pdt: Check your inbox.