Robotic process automation

In this page, if I want to select the country name Kenya, how could I do it?

do you want to click on it or want to extract it ?

if i am giving the input as Kenya, it should match that particular country name with all the names, and as a output it should correctly identify the given input and select it.

For this you can use a dyanamic selector

how could i use it?..Iam just a beginner

Check this posts

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Take Click activity and click two countries individually show me selectors once and we need to check once.

Is it possible to access that site from my end ?

Yes, u can access it.
website name:w3newspaper


Please find the attached workflow. It will select county based on your input country name.

Country_Test.xaml (10.9 KB)

And also one more solution is use Navigate To activity and pass below as string.


Here, getCountry is your input country

Note: We should use Navigate To activity inside Open Browser or Attach browser activity. Else create one browser variable for either Open Browser or Attach browser and pass same to Navigate To activity.

If you have any doubts then please let me know.

bot.xaml (6.5 KB)
We are getting error …


Why you deleted all declared variables in the workflow. Try below workflow. Don’t delete any variables.

Country_Test.xaml (12.7 KB)

thank you, sir…


Have you tried above one and is it working for you ?

it’s working, but it causes the following error!! 123|621x273


Could please attach the error screenshot. Am not able to see above error.

this error is obtained


In that web page, every country name is starting with capital letter. Give input like this: India

Thank you @lakshman. I have gone through your code …but i didn’t get why you use getCountry.trim +" newspaper".

I have did the same without adding “newspaper” along with country name, it works fine for visible country but when country is not visible then it gives error.


Here, getCountry is the output of input dialogue activity and there will be a chance of entering space. I saw some people will do this. So, I put trim method to delete those space.

That i get it but you added “newspapers” .

I tried with without appending "newspaper"and it wont work for finding country that are not visible on screen or need scroll down.

I didn’t get why u used it. I haven’t see “newspapers” in the selector also. So i didn’t get from where you get it.
Sorry i m noob