Robotic Enterprise Framework - Jumps from new transaction to end


Some of my REF projects start behaving strangely after we upgraded to the latest version of studio. It goes from New Transaction straight to the end without passing the process step. Some projects work flawlessly and i cannot se any difference in the transaction step.

I have tripled checked and it lands on New Transaction. Is anyone else facing this issue?


Did you try running in debug and check if it is going to new or end?


Yepp it goes through new transaction and then jumps to end. And data exists in transaction item. :confused:


Is it possible to share the project here?


I might be able to fix a project with the problem inside it. The weird thing is that suddenly one of the project started to work. I did some changes downgrade packages, re-created the paths and suddenly it worked. I did the same exact thing in another project that has the same problem. This did not resolve the issue :open_mouth:

I have found the issue. Is there any way to contact ui path about the bug?

Its a visual bug if you have a breakpoint on end step.

It seems to go to enstep but in reality it continues on to the process. When it has processed all the transaction it goes to end step as usual and works.

So the automations is not broken, but visually when running it with a breakpoint in endsteps it seems like it.


Glad the issue is resolved…

You can raise it as a feedback or a bug in the forum


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