Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive Practice 1 (Sorted out)

I was having problems using GetAppCredentials (Githab), the way to solve this problem was to install the Uipath.Credentials.Activeites package and in the GetAppCredentials project to replace the elements that were giving error with the elements of the Uipath.Credentials.Activeites package. I hope I helped someone!


Hey @pedrosa,

Welcome to the community forum.

And surely it’s a help to someone who needs it but, you actually helped yourself in that. Way to go! :+1:

Good luck!

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Hi @rahulsharma,
I ran into issues executing the Practice 1. I’m unable to get the credentials from asset. I have attached my current work file. Thanks for your support.
UiDemo_Login.xaml (11.5 KB)

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Hi @callezenwaka

I do not see the “GetAppCredentials” workflow in your attachments, you have just sent the main file.

The standard RE Framework “GetAppCredentials” workflow just take the input as the asset name and gives the username and Password.

make sure the spelling is exactly the same and the robot is connected to the orchestrator correctly.

It should work then :slight_smile:

Hi @rahulsharma,
I figured it out eventually. I’m using a recent version of studio which wasn’t compatible with the document provided.

Thanks and much appreciated for your concern.

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