Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive Not Saving Progress

Hi all,
As the title suggests the developer deep dive is not saving completion progress.

As seen in the screenshot, the Generate Yearly Report assignment shows as “In progress” even though I have passed it and completed the solution download and feedback survey. Also the option to download the certificate of completion does not appear.

Anyone know how to fix this issue or experiencing it as well? I’ve already tried logging out and logging back in on multiple attempts.

I think techical support is needed here

You can contact @Pablito @loginerror for this

Thanks for tagging them @NIVED_NAMBIAR

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@Pablito @loginerror
I also sometimes receive this screen:

If I click on the Feedback Survey and return to this page it shows my original screenshot. If I click the lock icon at the bottom, it simply displays a popup message saying “Congratulations, you have completed the course.”

Hi @nlee

Please contact our Academy Support for any technical issues :slight_smile:


Hi @loginerror

Thanks for the input, submitted a support ticket so hopefully I hear back soon.

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