Robotic Enterprise Framework can use for RDA or its only for RPA project


I want to user REF for RDA (No use of orchestrator in that project) can I use it or not? Or is it only use for RPA project where orchestrator is involved?
Reason I want to use is … that this RDA is going to be an RPA after a month or you can say that RPA development team is busy in other RPA so we want to help them to build this RDA by using this framework so that they can easy move to orchestrator.
plus we dont do extra work when we have to move this to orchestrator as an RPA solution.

Is it possible?


Hi @Latif

Yes. you can use the REF to do the RDA work as well… REF can be used with or without the orchestrator and it is always a good practice to use REF when ever possible.

I started using REF for RDA …
Im getting Error when i run the code… it says

Get Transaction Item: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I did not changed anything in Main file (Seq - Get TransactionData).
But it look like GetTransactionData file (under framework) have issue.

Config file is also same where it will read qeaue from but its also same no changes.

How to implement that if im not using orchestrator and to avoid this Error.