Robot works from studio but not from command line


I’m currently facing a problem related to robot launching from cmd.
The problem is that when I run the robot from studio everything works fine. It automatically activates correct application and start the process. Once I try to do it from command line the robot is unable to even begin. After 30 seconds the run is aborted due timeout reached.

If I use test sequence with ordinary click or message box everything works fine. But since the target application is remote I have to use click image activity and this is not working when ran from command line. It cannot be related to resolution as everything works correctly if ran from studio.

What could cause this different functionality between studio and command line?

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Hi @Kerundi

It might be that some packages are only installed locally for your Studio and not for your Robot. You could try manually copying the packages from the Studio feed to the robot feed and see if it will help.

See here:

Thank you for this tip, I’ll try it once I get access to the environment.