Robot with CMD runs process terribly vs Studio with CMD

I went from 18.3 to 18.4 when activating an attended robot license. Was using CMD in 18.3 to open and run Studio but it doesn’t seem to run in 18.4 :frowning: CMD will open and run Robot.

I have a weird issue where a process that I have made runs great in Studio in debug or Run, but if ran with CMD with Robot, the sequence runs terribly. It will miss clicks, can’t find elements, skips over type into. Basically each step has to be looped or have extra sequences added just to click or type into.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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Hi @CannibalTuna

Any chance you could tell us a bit about your process and what it does?

Normally, there should be no issue. Please make sure that the machine was restarted after the upgrade. Otherwise it might be that the robot service is not running with the same version as Studio. This can be checked in the task manager if you add the column “Command Line”. The Uipath service should have the same path as the opened Studio.

I think I may have found the culprit.

I tried the restart and while it’s not perfect it is running better. I’m starting to think the processor is underpowered, dual core, as i see the mouse skipping around and lagging as if the cpu is under high load. I’ll add some delays to see it that helps.

Thanks for the help.

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Sure it’s not a Quad-core? Dual-core seems really old. But, anyway, for Win 7 and newer, you need atleast 8GB of RAM, because 4GB is required just for the OS to run. So check the RAM. 8GB should be enough for attended processes, but there could still be some performance issues, especially if your motherboard is old.

EDIT: I checked and my work laptop is dual-core (cheapo company lol), but ram is 8GB

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