Robot user names in virtual machine

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We have 3 robot licenses installed in 3 VMs. In the organisation level i have created a new robo user with the name robo1.
Is it ideal to use the same robo1 user as login names for all 3 VMs. Or do we need to create robo2 robo3 etc for each machine/license that we buy.

I know this depends on what we are trying to do with these bots. But as a standard across, how is it followed.
One drawback for this I find is I will not be able to shift my process from robo1 machine to robo2 machine if robo2 user does not have access rights similar to robo1 (to access that particular application)

The @rahulraj987

The standard way would be to create 3 machines, one for each robot. This will simply make your life easier :slight_smile: (and is pretty much the only way to run three processes at the same time).

As far as the credential, I am actually not sure. But unless the Orchestrator will explicitly stop you from assigning same credentials to all machines, you can do it.

@loginerror Thanks fort the reply.
we are not curently using Orchestrator as we are in the starting phase of RPA. It is possible to have same robot user name across all the machines/robots. My question was more on the standard aspect rather than feasibility aspect.Is there a specific disadvantages of using same user name for all robots?

At our company we have a standard for getting 1:1 ratio of account to bot machines. This has allowed us to more easily triage issues in the logs, as well as manage access rights to different areas of applications the bots access. Our primary application also has logging throughout the infrastructure stack to enable us to trace user activity - when each bot has its own account, their workflow through the system is more easily traced from one transaction to the next.
When given the option, I would definitely recommend having one account per VM, rather than sharing it across multiple bots.

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