Robot Unavailable - KB

When trying to connect Robot with Orchestrator, Robot tray shows status as Robot Unavailable

There could be multiple reasons behind the Robot unavailable status. his status is displayed along with one of the following tooltip messages on mouse hover, in the following cases:

Based on the Error message tooltip, below are multiple possible scenarios :
1) "An Orchestrator Robot definition must exist for this user."
if a Machine that hosts the Robot is not defined on Orchestrator. For example, if you deployed your Robots using the ConnectionString without first defining the Robots in Orchestrator.

2) “Robot does not exist.” 
When no Robot is defined. Make sure that the Robot name is correct while creating the robot in Orchestrator, use it with the domain name.

3) “There are no available licenses on the server.” 
Currently, all the available licenses in Orchestrator are consumed.

4) “Robot already connected to machine ‘Machine_Name’.” 
A floating Robot is already in use on a different machine.

5) “The machine key is linked to another machine!”
The key you used to connect to Orchestrator belongs to another machine in Orchestrator.