Robot unattended disconected from orchestrator

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I have a situation and I’m not sure how to handle it. I have an unattended robot license, and I’m experiencing a recurring issue where the robot periodically (lately, almost daily) disconnects from the orchestrator.
The trigger is activated, but the process remains pending. And if I connect to the virtual machine where I have the respective robot, I notice that the assistant has a red dot instead of green, which means it is disconnected.

What could be the causes?

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Please confirm if robot is in service mode?


Hi @LZlz15

The issue you mention it may be because of network issues or robot configuration please check the robot connection


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Hi @LZlz15

  1. Double-check the robot settings in the Orchestrator, including the machine name and key. Ensure that the robot is correctly associated with the machine.
  2. Verify that your robot license is valid and has not expired. Check the Orchestrator license page for any issues related to licensing.
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