Robot tray - Quit automatically after an idle period

We use the concurrent license model for attended robot in a windows server environment (used in rdp). We have less licenses than users as the all users are not always all at office in the same time but some times well.

Our business users wants that after a certain period of idle time (inactivity), the robot in the user session is disconnected automatically from the Orchestrator to free up the license for another user.

Is it feasable ?

Hi @xbthsn
Interesting question.

Like to know the answer as well.
I would think a concurrent attended user account can only be reused when the user is no longer using the robot. So when he is logged in, the license will stay in place.

Then again, if a user needs to “reuse” the robot and no licences are available that user will not be able to use the robot or some random guy will get kicked of. Both not situations you desire I guess.

Lets see what a professional has to say about this :slight_smile:

The goal is to maximize the value/usage of the licenses and avoid buying too much compared to the individual use rate.

did we get a solution?

No response and no solution yet.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.


Modern Folder, Machine Template and Floating Robot (Concurrent Licenses) will help to implement above solution however, I noticed that User A is connected to Orchestrator , completed his process but didn’t disconnect with Orchestrator in such situation Robot is engaged with User A as long as he is connected to Orchestrator, how to address this situation?

Basically the design is that there should be as same number of licenses as robots/users (defined as robot) in the environment.